2017 Total Solar Eclipse program, Oregon, USA

   Iranian Mr. Eclipse in 21 August 2017 Total Solar Eclipse program, Oregon, USA

     This year, On August. 21, 2017, people of the United States will be able to see the unique phenomenon which is described as “The Great American Eclipse" thanks to its visibility across the entire path of the totality  from Oregon to South Carolina in the United States. The event will begin at 16:48:32 (U1) and will end at 20:01:35(U4).

    Concerning to this issue, Hamid Djodeiri Khodashenas, Iranian Mr. Eclipse, is going to go to the US to join the greatest group including scientists, researchers and shadow chasers from all over the world that will work under supervision of Prof. Jay Pasachoff to observe this natural phenomenon, study the sun and the solar corona. Regarding to his plan, he is going to start a journey from California to Oregon. During the journey, he has an aim to make the people more familiar with the only star in the solar system, the sun. Finally, he will end up the traveling in Oregon where the first point of contact will happen.