I started my trip just a couple of days before the opening of ALCon Expo 2005. When I succeeded to acquire a high rank in my last trip to Galapagos, Jen and Vic my lovely friends and tour leaders helped and caused I was invited to the Astronomical League’s annual convention which was to be held in Kansas City, (I call it a city of domestic life) in the heart of the United States. After getting US visa from Dubai consulate I flew toward my target through a path meeting Switzerland and Chicago in the US. I got there just a half day before the convention got started. After residing at Sheraton hotel at which the convention was to be held, I found Jen and Vic that night. I strongly felt comfort when I could see my lovely friends in that unfamiliar town. I have nothing to do but to take a rest and make myself ready for my presentation on the second day of convention. First day passed very pleasantly. There were about 300 attendant at the league and 4 lectures presented by, Mike Bakich (Astronomy Magazine), Scott Roberts, Mike Bennett, Bruce Twarog ( Kansas University) respectively in the conference hall at Sheraton hotel. Then we left for Powell Observatory. We surveyed the whole area and inside observatory comprehensively. After dinner, we participated in a lecture program in which Lou Mayo was talking about Cassini spacecraft mission.

The day came. On August 13 in the morning, I got up and became ready to have my mission accomplished. Sticking the flag of my country on the lecture board and turning the cameras on, I started my speech at 8:30. Firstly, I talked about Amateur Astronomy in Iran. The majority of my concern was about moon crescent observation groups in Iran and also our group (Sayeh) activities. It was really hard to speak among too many scientific and professional people. Then a preview of “Chasing the Shadow”, a film directed by me completed my program. We had 4 other lectures that day. They were presented by Don Parker, Mike Bennett, Wayne Johnson, and Bruce Bradley about “The 2005 apparition of Mars”, “The importance of public outreach”, “Observing Recent Bright Supernovae” and “Rara Astronomica”, respectively.